The Way Dawn Staffing Solution helped manufacturing companies in Ontario

The Way Dawn Staffing Solution Helped Manufacturing Companies In Ontario.


Like every other industry, the COVID-19 epidemic has had an impact on manufacturing. In the wake of the downturn, there was a record-breaking increase in unemployment. This trend has continued to affect the Canadian economy. 3 million Canadians were without work at the peak of the crisis, with the manufacturing sector being the most affected.

Despite this increase in people seeking work, manufacturing companies still face skills shortages. This is because there will always be gaps between what they need and what is on the labour market. The so-called “blue-collar crisis” is affecting businesses. While roles are becoming more technical and complex, fewer people choose to study and train in manufacturing. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t job vacancies or a job surge. With this on the plate, the demands of manufacturing jobs in Ontario are on the rise.

Dawn Staffing Solutions helped a client get an appropriate millwright and a maintenance supervisor for his company. Here’s how we went about the process:


To reorganise the company structure and integrate all business units, our client needed a strong leader to fill the position of maintenance supervisor and skilled trades. We, one of the best staffing agencies in Ontario, continuously screened skilled trades and engineers and successfully matched them with the needs of our clients. 

Dawn Staffing Solutions developed a strategy that utilised our vast talent networks and resources to allow the staffing of the particular position in record time. This was beyond the client’s expectations.

Why was Dawn Staffing selected as the go-to staffing agency in Ontario?

In addition to providing engaged search services for the maintenance position, Dawn Staffing worked with both the client and candidates to determine how to satisfy the position’s requirements.

Our Recruitment Solutions And Approach

After brainstorming, planning and analysis, Dawn Staffing develops a strategy and approach to find candidates that fit with the company’s culture and requirements.

Our strategy and resourceful approach allows us to complete all manpower sources within days. With this, the client was also able to receive end-to-end support from our recruitment consultants, which enabled them to successfully complete all their recruitment tasks.

Here’s the approach in brief.

  • The strategy was developed by our recruiting managers to split the manpower sourcing efforts into categories and geographies that are based on the availability of high-quality talent. The strategy allowed for the successful completion of all manpower sourcing activities, including initial screening and shortlisting.
  • Our recruiters that specialise in headhunting were given the must-haves for the position to initiate the process of creating prospective candidates. 
  • Our recruiters used an advanced applicant tracking system to conduct the initial screening. They analysed thousands upon thousands of candidate records, based on a search criteria that included many parameters relevant to the job.
  • The position’s screened and shortlisted candidates were sent to the client’s recruitment panels. This enabled a quick response.
  • The final round of interviews for the position was held on-site within a matter of days.
  • We offered support services to set up operations by providing advisory support.
  • The final stage of the recruitment process involved a thorough background reference check on the candidate selected.


Dawn Staffing was able to identify and hire a new millwright and a maintenance supervisor for our client through its search. The company was able to find the right match in a quick, easy, and cost-efficient way thanks to our extensive recruiting resources and an inspiring strategic approach.


The manufacturing industry is the foundation of modern economic development. Manufacturing jobs in Canada are in high demand. These jobs produce products directly from raw materials and components. Canada’s manufacturing sector has great potential to contribute to Canada’s economy. The high-tech innovations and technologies brought to the manufacturing sector by researchers, programmers and tradespeople have made it a more advanced industry over the years.

Dawn Staffing is your best staffing agency in Ontario for manufacturing jobs. Contact us today for help finding the best candidate for your company.

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