Let your U.V.P. Help your Recruitment Process

What is U.V.P.?

The unique value proposition (UVP) in business and marketing is a statement that tells your prospective customers how they will benefit from the products or services you offer, how they will solve their problems, and how they will stand out from the competition. A homepage description makes it clear to your visitors what you do and how it benefits them, as well as why they should buy from you. Using a Unique Value Proposition as a marketing strategy can help you instil a love for your brand in customers.

How Your Unique Value Proposition Influences The Recruitment Process

There is a tendency to forget that you are also being interviewed during the recruitment process, and you have the same responsibility of impressing the candidate as they do of impressing you. It might not be comfortable for candidates to ask directly, but the thought is never far from their minds: “Is this where I want to work?”. You may miss out on top talent if you cannot answer that question well. Whether you’re a recruitment agency or a small business owner doing your recruitment, you should never forget that candidates are looking out for their best interests and need assurance.

Thus, the importance of understanding your company’s value proposition cannot be overstated.

Your unique value proposition is the key to finding the right candidate for your company. The purpose of messaging is to target the kinds of people you want to work for your company, regardless of the search method. Companies often think that salaries and benefits are enough to attract their target audiences. But this is a misconception. To find the right person as a recruitment agency or a recruiter yourself, you’ll need to retain your vision and mission information in your search.

How to include your unique value proposition into the search stage? 

1) Company’s perks: 

As a business owner, who is recruiting on your own, you can include any office perks in your job posting as a business owner. Or, if you’re a recruiter, you can do the same to boost your business. Your recruitment process will be streamlined, and candidates will be able to determine whether they want to work for your company. 

2) Find Passive Candidates:  

Finding passive candidates to your process will make your value proposition even more valuable. Passive candidates are not just seeking new opportunities in their job search. They mainly consider options that genuinely resonate with them. 

Passive candidates are most likely looking for innate motivations, such as: 

  • A sense of purpose
  • Decision-making skills
  • Ability to communicate ideas, 
  • And working with individuals with similar values. 

For example, if your webpage is saying “apply for civil engineering jobs in Canada”, a passive candidate who is looking for innate motivations concerning civil engineering, will apply for the role. 

More often than not, people want to work in an environment where they can make a meaningful contribution. Therefore, in preparing your unique value proposition, you should keep both of these factors in mind.

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