Developing A Trusting Relationship With Clients And Candidates

Developing A Trusting Relationship With Clients And Candidates

A recruiter’s job is to share sensitive information between parties. This often requires trust from all involved. It is more difficult for legitimate recruiters to trust potential clients/first-time candidates than it is for other service providers due to general distrust of the industry. These are often caused by people who use unethical recruiting methods and provide poor service. Employers and candidates both benefit from hiring a recruiter because there is no direct communication.

A candidate may submit their profile anonymously to businesses of interest without having to disclose their position in their current organisation. Suitable candidates can then be approached with job openings without the client ever having to contact them directly.

This lack of direct access can lead to suspicion and mistrust between the client and the recruiter, as well as the candidate and recruiter, especially if you have never worked with them before. Is it possible to persuade clients to trust you that you are doing what is best for them? These are five ways to ensure that your customers have peace of mind.

1. Adding Value By Being Professional And honest

For Clients: Although this can be difficult, it is crucial for recruiters. It is your responsibility to let your client know the truth if they are setting unrealistic expectations for candidates. Professionally, it is important to take a moment to reflect before making any conclusions. Then, run quick searches to find the candidate you are looking for, to ensure that the talent pool is available. It is important to show your client specific examples of the talent pool after you have completed these initial searches. Maybe there is only one company in the area that uses the same system your client is looking for skilled candidates. This should be explained to your client. 

Discuss ways that you can attract employees from this company to your client’s business. Let your client know if you have sent a candidate who needs something in order to be considered for the job. Please be open with your client if you notice any red flags or reasons for concern after having submitted a candidate.

You must build trust with clients by building a partnership. This will allow them to see that you care about their best interests and not just another placement.

For Candidates: Candidates are the same. Your candidates should be aware of any client requirements that require a particular skill or experience. Let them know what the client wants and let them know that you will keep in touch with your candidates if anything changes.

You can share feedback you receive from your clients if you have submitted candidates. Remember HR laws. You must remember that your client may have confided in your representation reasons that could be misinterpreted. The top recruitment agencies in Ontario have made their way up in their industries by following this norm. 

2. Keep Your Words 

Be sure to keep your promises. You must keep your commitments to follow-up with candidates or clients within a set time. To hold yourself accountable, save a reminder in your calendar at the time that you make the commitment.

3. Be Interrogative

Listening is one of the key tasks of a recruiter. Listening and asking questions are key to understanding your client and the needs of your candidate.

Prepare a list with questions for candidates and clients to use during your interviews. After you have asked each question, you can simply listen to the answers of your candidate or client. Listening to your candidate and client will help you learn more about them. This will make them feel like you truly care and understand them. You will also be able to identify the key issues for candidates and clients. This will allow you to guide the process to ensure that both client and candidate get the best possible match. We at Dawn Staffing, as the best staffing agency in Ontario, make sure that we go above and beyond with the questioning process.

4. Negotiation:

Negotiating is a valuable skill. It is something that many people find difficult and uncomfortable. Many candidates find it a huge benefit to have someone else do this for them. Negotiators can cause mistrust, especially when the candidate is asking for more money. It is not uncommon for someone to accuse you of trying to raise the salary to get a higher fee when working with a percentage of your salary. This can be countered by setting the fee at the starting salary. This not only shows good faith but also shows that you are open to compromise to maintain the long-term relationship.

5. Prove your commitment:

Make sure you are honest and Make sure you are honest and give evidence to support your claims. To prove that the client trusts you, you could provide the range of salaries for all candidates who were sourced for the job to show that the offered salary is less than the average in the market. You can lower the expectations of the candidate if this is not the case using the same evidence.

It is vital to keep everyone informed. A meeting with a recruiter can be frustrating, especially for candidates. Then, you don’t hear anything. You can help a candidate if you schedule to call them often. Call them even if there’s no news and let them know if you are doing any work for them. Don’t meet candidates you don’t think you can do much for. Your respect will be earned by being transparent and honest about what you cannot do. They will also leave with a good impression of your company. You may not be a good fit for them, but they might recommend you to someone. 

The best staffing agency in Canada, Dawn Staffing, will have your back when it comes to proving their commitment towards you.

6. Suggestions and Recommendations:

Recommendations can build trust as well as your experience. You can show that you are trustworthy and will work for your clients’ best interests by collecting testimonials from candidates and clients. 

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