Your job search deserves a chance. Why do it on your own? All across Canada, we have the best job openings as well as experienced employees for both job seekers and employers. Find one that is great for you. Interested? Just get in touch! 

It’s time to believe in Dawn Staffing as your go-to staffing solution company in the USA and Canada. You’ll find no better recruiter for quickly sourcing the best engineering, skilled trades and technical employees.

Irrespective of you being an employer or a job seeker, once you go through our hiring process, you’ll be left with no doubts. We are involved in every aspect of the hiring process: Setting up, sourcing, screening, interviewing and debriefing and closing.

Step 1: Setting up:

One of the most critical steps in our hiring process is setting up our clients. We help you eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person as your business partner. Taking the time to understand your company’s culture, approach, and requirements is vital. We ask our clients many questions outside of the job description to know how they think and eventually build a strong relationship. Dawn Staffing believes that the key to having a successful hiring process is to have a connection.

Step 2: Sourcing:

Our second step would be sourcing. As North America’s leading recruiters, we have the best talent acquisition team. Dawn’s talent acquisition team’s responsibility is to identify and assess candidates for open positions within a company. Their networks allow them to find the most qualified candidates by sourcing extensive industry professionals. We also seek direct candidates from other employers/competition on the market. It is essential that we find active workers and then work our spells.

Step 3: Screening:

We go through the screening process very thoroughly. Recruiting specialists, leaders, and future executives for organisations is an ongoing process through our talent acquisition consultants. The candidates are interviewed over the phone and then met in person or via video call remotely before being presented to you. Our team knows our candidates’ career paths and ensures that their career goals are aligned with your organisation’s goals and vision, which results in an ideal match.

Step 4: Interviewing and Debriefing:

The candidates we present are the best of the batch we meet. We send only the most qualified candidates forward. From there, we can coordinate interviews between the candidates and your team and conduct our debriefing process.  In addition to gaining valuable feedback, debriefing will streamline your process, enhance the attendee experience, and develop relationships with your staff.

Step 5: Closing: :

As a part of our closing process, we do background checks, references and verification on the candidates employment history. We present the offers and make sure that both clients and candidates get the best deal.